Director Pippa Nissen, Senior Associate Marie-Lise Oulmont and Associates Andrea Hickey and Kate Coghlan of Nissen Richards Studio are leading a new postgraduate teaching unit at London Metropolitan University. The unit challenged students to design a ‘Museum for Now’. Here is one of the responses to that challenge.

Joined with form, sounds that carve material
The world of heard and of the tactile 
Connected not loosely or ethereal
Rhythm guides shape as grids with wide isles.

A place to play for pleasure or for pay
Soaring light-filled rooms with vaulted ceiling
Echoes of sounds flood as musicians play
A sanctuary, a place for healing.

A place to stay, alone or together
Dimly lit, relaxed and absent of sound
Cosy spaces regardless of whether
A moment for thought, a home to be found.

Located between the made and the grown
Contrasting elements to form its own.